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Program Goals

Life Bridges Mission Statement:

The mission of CISD’s Life Bridges Transition Program is to educate young adults with

disabilities ages 18 – 21 utilizing instructional pathways and community-based experiences to increase Team Member independence in family and community settings.

Life Bridges strives to serve young adults with disabilities as they transition from public school to adult life.  The goals of the program are specific to each Team Member and may include one or more of the following:


  • To assist the team member in obtaining full or part-time paid employment;
  • To assist the team members in participating in postsecondary education and/or training;
  • To provide travel training for the team members to ensure access and sustainability of skills learned and performed in the community;
  • To facilitate the learning and use of self-determination skills;
  • To improve communication skills related to business and social relationships, meeting personal needs, employment, postsecondary education/training, and independent living;
  • To assist the team member in to developing social relationships with same-age peers as a natural support system;
  • To facilitate the application and client-ship of adult agencies and/or community services that provide continued services and supports to adults with disabilities;
  • To assist the team member in the development of and participation in Adult Community activities;
  • To train parents/guardians and family members on strategies and skills to provide support to team members with disabilities after graduation or aging-out of high school; and
  • To provide training, support, and opportunities for the team member with disabilities to increase his/her level of independence and participation in adult life.