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Job Coaches

Life Bridges Job Coaches are an integral part of the LB team.  The Job Coaches have many roles, a few are listed below:
  • Work within the Life Bridges building teaching students skills necessary for increased independence.
  • Go out into the community with the students to assist with the learning process of job training.  
  • Take data on students' skills to help teachers build goals and create individualized programming for students.
  • Accompany student into the community to work on building independence in navigating the community and/or accessing community resources (restaurant, movies, park, etc.)
  • Assist in teaching daily living skills such as cooking, making a bed, cleaning, etc.
Life Bridges Job Coaches:
Picture of Jane Agnello
Jane Agnello
Picture of Rodney Geter
Renee Erben
Picture coming soon
Monica Hernandez
Picture of Nerissa Lane
Nerissa Lane
Picture of Liz Leal
Liz Leal
Picture coming soon
Robert Lopez
Picture coming soon
Gina Mullen
Picture coming soon
Kathy Nichols
Picture coming soon
Billy Partridge
Picture of Linnea Schifano
Lennea Schifano
Picture of Karen Schulze
Lori Siwinski
Picture coming soon
Deena Springer
1:1 Paras:
Picture coming Soon
Vanessa Lopez
Picture Coming Soon
Cheryl Flynn
Picture coming soon
Marjorie Nolan
Picture Coming Soon
Susan Pitney
Picture coming soon
Betty Torres